bac-67-wmps-510Remember that line in The Godfather 3, when Al Pacino says: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me  back in? Well, I sometimes feel like the opposite. Just when I feel I’m back in the swing of blogging, something happens to slow me down. So now I am back after more than a month. Apologies to you all.

So what am I back here to talk about? The answer is sport. As you know, we are less than two weeks from the 2016 Summer Olympics in good old Rio, the land that gave us those gorgeous babes who always seem to win the beach volleyball. Four years ago, we hosted the Olympics here and the government imposed the most draconian laws against anyone using the Olympic games to promote their wares unless they had paid a king’s ransom to the games’ organizers. This was particularly offensive considering that British taxpayers and London ratepayers had effectively funded the games.

purple silicone bandYou couldn’t use terms like Games, Two thousand and twelve, 2012 or twenty twelve in conjunction with words like Gold, Silver, Bronze, London, medals, sponsor or summer. The laws (in Britain) are not quite so tight this time around, as it is no longer our gig to sell to the highest bidder. But it is worth remembering that there is one pitfall that still lingers: sports injury. Round about Olympic time, mums and dads (especially dads) start thinking they’re the next Usain Bolt of Mo Farrah, and if they don’t  manage to knock people down in the high street, they frequently manage at least to sprain an ankle or do their wrist a mischief.

knee wrapMagnetic bracelets and wristbands  (and also wraps) were made for people like this. But some people prefer their challenges to be between their ears rather than in their muscles. That is, they prefer mental games and intellectual competition to the eternal quest to be Faster, Higher and Stronger.  They would rather be Smarter, Sharper and Cleverer. For these people we have games of the mind like Chess, Go, Bridge, Scrabble, Sudoku etc. But even if you’re more of a Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto sort of a person, you might be interested in taking this survey on your game-playing habits – or maybe check out this new game being developed, and it’s associated page on Facebook.

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