Coppermatt tone super strengthThree for one may sound like something out of the Three Musketeers (or was that “all for one and one for all”), but in this case it actually refers to the special offer this Christmas from Magnetic Products Store. The offer is straightforward enough. Buy any three items and get the Copper Matt Tone Super Strength Magnetic Bangle shown on the left absolutely FREE!

When you think about it, that’s a great offer coming in at just the right time. Because Christmas is a time of year when you buy presents. Right? And Christmas is also at  cold time of year when people who suffer from arthritis feel it worse. Again, true? And of course it’s also in the dead of winter – pretty close to the Winter Solstice, when it gets day earlier and the days are shorter. So people are looking for a little brightness. Hence the bright winter lights in the centres of big cities in the northern hemisphere. And of course what could be brighter than the gold colour and gemstones of magnetic bracelets? Yes? Obviously.

JAMAIN S White Crystals Magnetic BraceletSo you could say that magnetic bracelets are themselves a bit of a triple offer. They offer relief from arthritic pain. They brightness on the dark and cloudy days and gloomy evenings. And on top of all that, they make excellent gifts offering tremendous value for money.

So when you see a three for one offer like the MPS Christmas special, you know that you won’t find a better place to buy your Christmas stocking fillers – or a better time to buy them.EUROPE 5 in 1 Elements GOLD PL Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

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