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Some people say, “Magnetic Therapy is just some new craziness”. They do not know how far it is from the truth.
First of all if you make some efforts you can find various studies about the health benefits of wearing magnets. You still remain sceptic of course, it is everyones choice to beleive what they read or not.

But Magnetic Therapy is for sure not something new under the sun. The roots of magnets used for healing goes back tot he ancient times, have been documented in many corners of earth. On our website we tried to make an extent collection of every aspect of the History of Magnetic Therapy. To widen your knowledge, click HERE.



If you are trying Magnetic Therapy for the first time, you are probably a bit skeptic. Therefore you would not like to start with something too serious, just a trial piece. Bangles are a perfect choice in this case. They are available in many different style and colour, one size (so you cannot mistake to pick the right size) and for a very affordable price.

In a long term, it might be better to buy a chain bracelet, because they are more comfortable if you wear it each and every day.


Jewelry and accessories usually are strongly associated with women. Though, that these days it is completely accepted for men too, to wear not only a watch, but bracelets or necklaces too (of course, depending on amount and style).
So, why not give it as a present for even a men? Besides the good look, it is something he can carry with every day, and keeps him reminded of the person who gave it, and of course the love behind. Additionally, magnetic therapy bracelets can also express the care because of its health effects.

Let’s check out what you can choose from!

One of the most important questions, before you try a new kind of a therapy. Is it safe?

Magnetic therapy has been used through all the ages of medicine, because of that an extensive knowledge is available about possible hazards and side-effects. According to the current knowledge available, magnetic therapy has

*no known side effects
*no time limitation for wearing magnetic product
*no age limit
*non addictive

When magnetic field might cause error in electric medical devices are the only exceptions.
Therefore, not suitable for people
*with pacemaker
*Insulin pump
*animals with chip

Do not apply on oppened wounds!
Pregnant woman are advised not to use magnetic therapy. There are no records of any health issue of the baby because of magnetic therapy, but in this case it is better to be extremely careful.

We strongly  recommend to seek your doctors advice though! Do not forget, magnetic therapy cannot replace other medical treatments whch your conditions might need.

If you ever considered using magnetic therapy, you probably know magnetic bracelets and wraps well enough.
But are you aware of other fashionable choices?

Take a look at these too specialties!


Elegant and charming, yet an inexpensive magnetic therapy solution.




Unique and maybe a bit mysterious….Definitely not an ordinary jewelry.



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