People often ask how do magnetic bracelets work, as if assuming that they do? Others ask more skeptically:   do the magnetic bracelets really work at all?

There was an excellent discussion on this subject a number of years back by a writer called Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell that was reviewed in some detail in the blog of Magnetic Products Store. She did a quick run through of all the ailments that magnetic therapy has been claimed to cure or at least treat effectively, and at first it seemed that her article was quite sympathetic to alternative medicine in general and magnetic therapy in particular.

However, she then did a complete one-eighty (or bootleg turn as it is sometimes called)  and trashed the whole idea. To bolster her case, she cited no less than an agency of the United States Government:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says magnets have no medicinal value.”

This is actually a case of the skeptic gilding the lily with a thick layer of negativity. In reality, the FDA has no power or authority to say whether or not magnetic therapy can cure diseases or does not and cannot state that magnets lack medicinal value.

What the FDA does do, however, is not allow any commercial operator from claiming in the course of commercial business that magnetic bracelets can heal illness or ameliorate physical discomfort. In other words, you can sell what you like and you can say what you like.  But be careful when you try to do both at the same time.

In fact, tens of millions of people wear magnetic and copper bracelets. And to them, the question about magnetic bracelets – how do they work – is the starting point.

Answers tend to focus on the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the body. This contains iron and of course we know that iron is affected by magnets. However, this line of reasoning has been challenged by physicists and doctors alike, on the not entirely unreasonable grounds that the magnets are not strong enough to affect the iron in the human body. In fact if the trace quantities of iron in the human body were that susceptible to external magnetism, then it would not be safe to use MRI scanners. Indeed, if magnets could attract our red blood corpuscles, then even going to the North or South Pole would be dangerous.

Now admittedly not many people have gone to the North or South Poles.  But a few people have – Peary, Henson, Amundsen, Scott to name a few – and while Scott and his crew didn’t make it out alive, the others did. And not one of them suffered from any effects of the polar regions on their blood circulation.

But then again, neither is there any proof that they failed to benefit from their visits to those highly magnetic regions. So… watch this space.

EUROPE 5 in 1 Elements GOLD PL Titanium Magnetic BraceletWe all know that customer satisfaction is the gold standard in retail. No two ways about it. Of course one can come up with other metrics like profit margin on sales, return on investment, etc. But these are the universal economic metrics used by businesses in general. They tell you nothing about a retail business in particular or its long-term prospects.

Remember that even a successful con-man can turn a large profit on a scam. But that doesn’t mean he has a long-term business model. Only customer satisfaction can tell you how well a retail business will do in the long run.

So how does our favourite little magnetic products store when it comes to customer comments on an independent review site like As Cilla Back used to say when she followed up on those Blind Date holidays: let’s take a look.

I received my Magnetic Bracelet this week. After adjusting the link, I put it on. I have worn it for 3 Days now. It is raining and cold at the moment and I have no Back Pain and Hip Pain. I would normally be taking Anti Flams and Pain Killers every day and more on Rainy Days. I have not taken 1 of these Tablets since putting my Bracelet on as to my surprise I have not needed to.

Those were the comments of a lady called Susanne. Another verified customer (Brian) wrote in to say:

I have only had this wrist band on for a week. But it seems to be helping with my aching shoulder.

What is interesting is that both of these customers write about the benefits of their magnetic bracelets in terms of the affect on their health, or at least the pain relief following their wearing of these magnetic bracelets. The same views were expressed succinctly by Robin:

I don’t how this works, but it does.

and William:

The bracelet works for me, wrist pain has almost completely gone. The delivery service was very good, I ordered it at 14:00 hrs. and I received it next day. Wow.

While verified customer John was similarly impressed by the palliative effects, despite the skepticism he was subjected to by others:

Pain in my elbow went within 24 hrs, great product I was always critical when people recommended them. But I have found it most beneficial .

JAMAIN S White Crystals Magnetic Bracelet

No less enthusiastic was Keith who wrote:

The old lad is more than happy with the bracelet which replaces the one he lost. He swears by them.

Others, like Paul below, have written in to praise the company for its overall customer service:

We have used Adva Trading on four occasions over the years and always find their products excellent value, good looking and effective in their use. Delivery is prompt and they are safely packed. The introduction of the link tool is an added bonus for the customer. Have recommended to friends and will continue to do so.

And as happy customer Janet wrote, in similar vein:

Ordered a titanium magnetic bracelet to buy as a Christmas gift. Fantastic service! Website easy to use. Email confirmation detailed and informative. Follow-up email received next day to say order dispatched and bracelet arrived later that day. Mail order service doesn’t get better than that!



So happy customers then and kudos to Magnetic Products Store for making them so.

But remember, a business must never rest on its laurels, especially a retailer and even more so an online retailer that must overcome an initial trust barrier from its potential clientele to get them to buy in he first place.

So in well done Magnetic Products Store and in the words of Ali G:


Coppermatt tone super strengthThree for one may sound like something out of the Three Musketeers (or was that “all for one and one for all”), but in this case it actually refers to the special offer this Christmas from Magnetic Products Store. The offer is straightforward enough. Buy any three items and get the Copper Matt Tone Super Strength Magnetic Bangle shown on the left absolutely FREE!

When you think about it, that’s a great offer coming in at just the right time. Because Christmas is a time of year when you buy presents. Right? And Christmas is also at  cold time of year when people who suffer from arthritis feel it worse. Again, true? And of course it’s also in the dead of winter – pretty close to the Winter Solstice, when it gets day earlier and the days are shorter. So people are looking for a little brightness. Hence the bright winter lights in the centres of big cities in the northern hemisphere. And of course what could be brighter than the gold colour and gemstones of magnetic bracelets? Yes? Obviously.

JAMAIN S White Crystals Magnetic BraceletSo you could say that magnetic bracelets are themselves a bit of a triple offer. They offer relief from arthritic pain. They brightness on the dark and cloudy days and gloomy evenings. And on top of all that, they make excellent gifts offering tremendous value for money.

So when you see a three for one offer like the MPS Christmas special, you know that you won’t find a better place to buy your Christmas stocking fillers – or a better time to buy them.EUROPE 5 in 1 Elements GOLD PL Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Tarim white crystals

Tarim white crystals

MPS Bio Energy

MPS Bio Energy

First of all, just to let you know, the winter giveaway is over and was a great success, with 83 entries. The winner has been notified.

Secondly, St. Valentine’s Day. It’s in four days time. And in honour of the day, Magnetic Products Store is doing a special promotion. But hurry up if you want to allow enough time for the item(s) you order to reach you.

No doubt there are those among you who would like to know why we celebrate Valentine as the “patron saint of lovers.” The question is, which of the fourteen saint Valentines are we talking about? In fact only three of them are celebrated on the 14th of February. By the way, on a purely pedantic note, this year St. Valentine’s day is also the 50th anniversary of Australia going over to decimal currency!

python 4-in-1

python 4-in-1

Tennis Summer Sky

Tennis Summer Sky

But I digress. Getting back to our pantheon of Saint Valentines, you’re probably wondering which was the romantic? The answer is that, as far as we can tell, none of them were. They were all Christian martyrs. So how did the name come to be associated with romantic love? I can only speculate here, but several factors may have contributed to it. chief amongst them is the Christian tradition that treats marriage as a sacrament symbolizing God’s unconditional love for humanity. Secondly, there were tales about early Christians performing secret marriage ceremonies for low-ranking soldiers who were allegedly not allowed to marry in pagan Rome. And some of these were attributed to this St. Valentine. But these tales have little if any basis in history. Because Roman soldiers most certainly were allowed to marry, regardless of rank.

Jamain white

Jamain white



It is quite possible that the actual association of St. Valentine with romance was due to Chaucer who wrote a poem in which he suggested that Valentine’s day was the date on which birds chose their mate. It’s unlikely that birds actually do start their mating season that early. But the mere fact that such a distinguished writer as Chaucer suggested it, planted the idea in people’s minds and as the reporter says at the end of The man who shot Liberty Valance: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” Thus, St. Valentine’s Day came to be associated with lovers and romance, in England at least.

Adel Ladies steel bangle

Adel Ladies steel bangle

Ankita magnetic therapy bangle

Ankita magnetic therapy

But because England – and it’s great language – came to lead the civilized world, the association of Saint Valentine with romance spread throughout the world. But by the late eighteenth century young men routinely sent handwritten cards to their paramours expressing their eternal devotion. And with the advent of modern technology, those cards then came to be printed, serving a mass market. To this was added the giving of gifts such as flowers, confectionery and jewellery.

And, of course, candle-lit dinners are popular.

But not everyone can afford gold and diamonds. But then again you don’t have to. The special promotion at MPS offers a massive range of magnetic bracelets, including copper bangles, stainless steel and glittering Swarovski.

Those nice folks at Magnetic Products Store – the largest online retailer of magnetic bracelets in Europe and the second largest in the world – are giving away a magnetic bracelet as part of the great giveaway season. They are launching this season with this late winter giveaway, designed to capture the spirit of the post-Christmas period by offering some late winter cheer during this inglorious interregnum between the recent festivities of Xmas and New Year and the forthcoming Spring thaw and the great warming up that we all hope will follow on, not a minute too soon.

Naturally, not everyone will be a winner. Like every other lottery and raffle, there will be many who cast their bread upon the waters, but only one who takes home the prize. But this is as it ever as. The difference is that there is no entry fee, no financial ante to be put up, no stake money to be put down on the line. No, indeed! All you have to do is enter. You can do so here if you are using a desktop or laptop and here if you are using a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

The draw will be made on Saturday the 6th of February, so there are only a few more days. But it only takes a few seconds to enter, so there’s no excuse not to.

If you want to know what the prizes are, they are a European titanium magnetic bracelet (if the winner is a man) or a Venus Hearts bracelet (if the winner is a woman). Of course, the winner can in fact choose either. After all, the more progressive among us don’t believe in gender stereotyping. And in any case, the winner might want it as a present for someone else.

This will surely not be the last giveaway that MPS do. And aside from giveaways, they will almost certainly be doing some great promotions for St Valentine’s Day.

So in addition to entering the giveaway you might like to check out what they have to offer. Apart from bracelets, they have necklaces, energy pendants, anklets and even things for dogs.  Not that your dog needs a gift for Valentine’s Day! So go on Love birds… check out what’s waiting for you there. We know you won’t be disappointed.

brsg-scm-008.mainOrthodox doctors (‘scuse the alliteration) and advocates of alternative medicine can’t seem to agree on whether magnetic therapy works. But while the jury may still be out, it seems that there are a couple of things that may be said with confidence. The first is that in the world of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and Big Business medicine, the orthodox view prevails. That is, you can’t get magnetic therapy – let alone magnetic bracelets – on the NHS! But secondly – I would say this is more important – in the realm of public opinion, there is increasing acceptance of magnetic therapy, at least for pain relief. (There is no widespread acceptance that magnetic jewellery can actually cure ailments.)

It is therefore quite surprising that Wikipedia – an encyclopaedia of the people, by the people, for the people – should characterize Magnet Therapy as “pseudoscientific”. Has no one tried to challenge this sweeping statement? After all, in theory, anyone can contribute to Wikipedia. Well guess what? Somebody tried. They checked out Wikiepdia’s own sources and found that one of the articles that Wikipedia used to justify its scepticism said something quite different:

For osteoarthritis, the evidence is insufficient to exclude a clinically important benefit, which creates an opportunity for further investigation.” [Emphasis added]

brt4-17-ys-amps-510And they changed the article accordingly, explaining why in an attached note.  But the main author of the article wasn’t having it and simply removed the sentence! So someone else put it back in abbreviated form and pointed out that (again!) that the added sentence was taken directly from the source that the original author had already cited.

But again the original author removed it! Having said that,  the author also realized that he (she?) was skating on thin ice so they threw in another reference, this time to a 2012 study on magnetic therapy in osteoarthritis that was supposed to strengthen their case.

However, even this 2012 study was a little more balanced and nuanced than the original author implied. It contained the following:

There is not sufficient evidence to recommend any of the practitioner-based complementary therapies considered here for the management of OA, but neither is there sufficient evidence to conclude that they are not effective or efficacious. [Emphasis added]

brt4-15-ta-wmpsIt seems that there was a raging gulf between what the author was saying and what his sources actually claimed. In fact both studies cited by the author suggested that magnetic therapy does work, but this was qualified by them both noting that the studies that purported to prove this were small.

The other main argument they use to question the favourable studies was the difficulty in conducting a double-blind study because the subjects can easily check if the magnets are real by holding them to a ferrous surface. But surely if people agree to participate in a study then they would hardly go out of their way to undermine the results by cheating. But then, another article suggested that they might be getting information subconsciously:

Perhaps subjects with magnetic bracelets subconsciously detected a tiny drag when the bracelets were near ferromagnetic surfaces (which are ubiquitous in modern life), and this distracted or otherwise influenced the perceived pain.

This is basically arguing that the patient started off thinking the magnet was fake, then found out subconsciously that it was actually a genuine magnet and then felt better (again subconsciously) because of this subconscious discovery! And that is a scientific approach?

If we don’t leap through hoops or mold the facts to fit the theory, we must accept the evidence of these studies: magnetic therapy works for pain relief – and that’s a proven fact.

Painless to claim, resistant to chemical compounds, will not eat away, tarnish or die away – what more could you ask for? Stainless Steel Magnetic Therapy Bracelets gives various designs and plating such as gold and silver. The stainless steel magnetic bracelets inhibit many magnets.

An on and above ground up to 20 magnets spread around the wrist, and they all have catch closure. The size can vary from thick, broad extra large Stainless Steel magnetic Bracelet that appear strong and chunky to slender. Ladies elegant stainless steel magnetic bracelet that come into sight sensitive. Your delicate intelligence of aesthetics will control which of the styles will suit you the best. In Addition to the classic links design, the Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets comes with acupressure Rolling Balls design, where hepatitis magnetic sphere shaped magnets can provide acupuncture-like affects. Stainless steel jewellery is one of today’s most popular jewellery garnishes for a number of very moral explanations. Nil makes your private proclamation at the same time as effectively for example steel. The spend of Stainless Steel voguish the concerto of magnetic bracelets helps to give you with a upshot whose life span is lengthy also whose advent will not be there tainted or stained over time. Stainless steel is the most stout convenient steel, which is secure adequate for every day plus long-term scuffing. Stainless steel is such a brutal metal that it is a problem to make jewelry and as a result not low-priced as a polished product. Also, stainless steel magnetic bracelets are hypo-allergenic and do not have any base metal which may possibly instigate an antipathy. Therefore a stainless steel magnetic bracelet will apposite for a person with sensitive body, or anybody who wishes to carry their magnetic bracelet permanently.

Reaction toward Nickel is the largely general metal sensitivity and it is far and wide said that 18% of your populace are allergic to it. Our stainless steel magnetic jewellery is 316L grade Stainless Steel, that  complies with the EU Nickel Directive. Jewelry made from Stainless Steel is less probable to make happen a reaction. When wearing a stainless steel magnetic bracelet from us, you can be sure to have a style assertion blend with the payback of magnetic therapy. We transmit stainless steel magnetic bracelets and stainless steel bracelets that are entirely manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of stainless steel used. Some of the magnetic healing bracelets in this sections are IPG plated. IPG plating applies to this magnetic bracelet, where the metal is being electroplated in a vacuum and will last longer, which means they are of out of the ordinary concentration to golfers or athletes that  may engaged in general physical activities that not release nickel salts into the body or induce contact nickel dermatitis.

See more at for additional info, including:

Trouble-free to be adamant, hardy to compounds, will not flake, tarnish or become lighter – what more could you ask for? Stainless Steel Magnetic Therapy Bracelets gives a lot of designs and plating such as gold and silver. The stainless steel magnetic bracelets enclose many magnets, up to 20 magnets spread around the wrist, and they all have clip closure. The size can vary from thick, broad extra large Stainless Steel magnetic Bracelet that appear strong and chunky to threadlike, ladies elegant stainless steel magnetic bracelet that exist sensitive. Your delicate substance of aesthetics will establish which of the styles will suit you the best. In Addition to the classic links design, the Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets comes with acupresssure Rolling Balls design, where hematite magnetic sphere shaped magnets offers acupuncture-like affect. Stainless steel jewellery is one of today’s most popular jewellery side dishes for a number of very good quality motives. Nonentity makes your individual record because durably because steel. The worth of Stainless Steel participating in the structure of magnetic therapy bracelets assists just before provide you with a creation whose life span is lengthy in addition to whose facade will not stay discolored or imperfect over time.

Stainless steel is the most serviceable hands-on metal, which is lasting enough for every day then long-term deterioration. Stainless steel is such a hard steel so as to it is a challenge to make jewelry and for that reason not on sale as a glossed product. Also, stainless steel magnetic bracelets are hypoallergenic plus do not have any base metal which might cause an aversion. Consequently a stainless steel magnetic bracelet will apposite for any person with sensitive body, or anybody who requests to bear their magnetic bracelet permanently.

Reaction to Nickel is the on the whole general metallic reaction and it is commonly alleged that 18% of your nation are allergic to it. Our stainless steel magnetic jewellery is 316L grade Stainless Steel, which complies with the EU Nickel Directive. Jewellery made from Stainless Steel is less likely to make happen a reaction. When bearing a stainless steel magnetic bracelet from us, you can be sure to have a method testimony syndicate with the reimbursement of magnetic therapy. We move stainless steel magnetic bracelets and stainless steel bracelets that are fully manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of stainless steel used. Some of the magnetic remedies bracelets in this sections are IPG plated. IPG plating applies to this magnetic bracelet, where the metal is being electroplated in a vacuum and will last longer, which means they are of particular attention to golfers or athletes which may engaged in big physical activities that not release nickel salts into the body or induce contact nickel skin problems. Some of the magnetic remedies bracelets in this sections are IPG plated. IPG plating applies to this magnetic bracelet, where the metal is being electroplated in a vacuum and will last longer, which means they are of particular attention to golfers or athletes which may engaged in big physical activities that not release nickel salts into the body or induce contact nickel skin problems.

We have found a nes link about magnetic bracelets that may be of an interets for you all:

It is a links page that focuses on magnetic therapy. Interesting, as this will be an important source for magnetic therapy and all those who are on the look for the right device that will or may, as we professional people tends to say. The ability of the regular basic web user to find products and find out about them is very important and so, all we need is love and google to shaw us the way in which to march to victory. Those ideas are part of the whole some of wheat that grows in and around the land we live – not leave – in. And the planet of business is inco gnito to partly swolen issues of magnetic kingdom.

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