“I have been to a new website about magnetic bracelet. The problem, the site is under construction, or so it seams. There are no products, and the whole website looks,…not finished. It is a shame, because I thinh that there is a place in the market for new on line store for magnetic jewellery. As a person who follows that feild of alternative therapies with great interest, I am willing to pay just that little extra to have my magnetic bracelet delivered safely and securely to my front door. For that, I am willing to pay with my Pay Pal account if the site appears to be secured. Saying that, paying with Pay Pal means that it does not really matter if the site is safe, as Pay Pal protects the buyer in even a better way than creditd cards do. So please, the guys at, get your act toogeether and start making this great site unlock it’s potential.”

Interesting email. This new site also appeared on the radar in another blog about magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy, you can see it at

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