There are loads of online retailers selling magnetic bracelets, but some are better than others. Whether its delivery time or product range or customer service – there are are certain standout features that separate the men from the boys.

The one that comes out on top in all of these areas is Magnetic Products Store: Best bracelets, biggest range, fastest delivery and best customer service and aftercare. But far and away their best feature is that they don’t wait for the customer to have problems. They anticipate the problems and take steps to resolve them before they get out of hand.

And at the centre of all this is their troubleshooting pages that address the key problems that can occur when buying wearable items like magnetic bracelets online. For example, what if the bracelet is too big? (People know their own sizes, but they might be buying for someone else.)

So how would you remove surplus links from your MPS bracelet? First of all, MPS supplies a tool for removing links with each links bracelet they sell. (Note that it has two extra push pins stored in the base). The tool has a push pin that is used to push out the pins that hold the links in place.

Next, identify the correct side to place the tip of the push pin. The picture below illustrates the wrong side and the right side for this operation.

After aligning the push pin with the pin you are trying to remove, you turn the handle slowly to push the pin out gently.

When the pin is partially out – enough to get a grip on it – you can of course pull it the rest of the way.

Obviously you have to repeat this process on the other side of the link or group of links that you want to remove. Then the next step is, of course, to reconnect what is left. This is shown below.

Then, finally, the same tool is used to push the pin the rest of the way, thereby completing the process.

And the job is done. See you next time.

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