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People often ask how do magnetic bracelets work, as if assuming that they do? Others ask more skeptically:   do the magnetic bracelets really work at all?

There was an excellent discussion on this subject a number of years back by a writer called Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell that was reviewed in some detail in the blog of Magnetic Products Store. She did a quick run through of all the ailments that magnetic therapy has been claimed to cure or at least treat effectively, and at first it seemed that her article was quite sympathetic to alternative medicine in general and magnetic therapy in particular.

However, she then did a complete one-eighty (or bootleg turn as it is sometimes called)  and trashed the whole idea. To bolster her case, she cited no less than an agency of the United States Government:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says magnets have no medicinal value.”

This is actually a case of the skeptic gilding the lily with a thick layer of negativity. In reality, the FDA has no power or authority to say whether or not magnetic therapy can cure diseases or does not and cannot state that magnets lack medicinal value.

What the FDA does do, however, is not allow any commercial operator from claiming in the course of commercial business that magnetic bracelets can heal illness or ameliorate physical discomfort. In other words, you can sell what you like and you can say what you like.  But be careful when you try to do both at the same time.

In fact, tens of millions of people wear magnetic and copper bracelets. And to them, the question about magnetic bracelets – how do they work – is the starting point.

Answers tend to focus on the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the body. This contains iron and of course we know that iron is affected by magnets. However, this line of reasoning has been challenged by physicists and doctors alike, on the not entirely unreasonable grounds that the magnets are not strong enough to affect the iron in the human body. In fact if the trace quantities of iron in the human body were that susceptible to external magnetism, then it would not be safe to use MRI scanners. Indeed, if magnets could attract our red blood corpuscles, then even going to the North or South Pole would be dangerous.

Now admittedly not many people have gone to the North or South Poles.  But a few people have – Peary, Henson, Amundsen, Scott to name a few – and while Scott and his crew didn’t make it out alive, the others did. And not one of them suffered from any effects of the polar regions on their blood circulation.

But then again, neither is there any proof that they failed to benefit from their visits to those highly magnetic regions. So… watch this space.

You may have noticed that magnetic bracelets – like their non-magnetic counterparts – come in various sizes. This is not a problem when you buy in person. You try before you buy, to make sure you get the right size. But what about when you buy online?

Then of course, it is a different story. Despite all the advice about carefully measuring your wrist, it is still possible to get it wrong. Magnetic Products Store helpfully provides a solution to this problem in the form of a resizing tool supplied to the customer with every links bracelet.

Link removal tutorial

Link removal tutorial

Of course some bracelets don’t need to be resized – like MPS’s wonderful range of bangles, expanding bracelets and silicone sports bracelets, like the ones below.

 solid copper bangleexpanding braceletpurple silicone band

Those nice folks at Magnetic Products Store – the largest online retailer of magnetic bracelets in Europe and the second largest in the world – are giving away a magnetic bracelet as part of the great giveaway season. They are launching this season with this late winter giveaway, designed to capture the spirit of the post-Christmas period by offering some late winter cheer during this inglorious interregnum between the recent festivities of Xmas and New Year and the forthcoming Spring thaw and the great warming up that we all hope will follow on, not a minute too soon.

Naturally, not everyone will be a winner. Like every other lottery and raffle, there will be many who cast their bread upon the waters, but only one who takes home the prize. But this is as it ever as. The difference is that there is no entry fee, no financial ante to be put up, no stake money to be put down on the line. No, indeed! All you have to do is enter. You can do so here if you are using a desktop or laptop and here if you are using a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

Europe titanium magnetic bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

The draw will be made on Saturday the 6th of February, so there are only a few more days. But it only takes a few seconds to enter, so there’s no excuse not to.

If you want to know what the prizes are, they are a European titanium magnetic bracelet (if the winner is a man) or a Venus Hearts bracelet (if the winner is a woman). Of course, the winner can in fact choose either. After all, the more progressive among us don’t believe in gender stereotyping. And in any case, the winner might want it as a present for someone else.

This will surely not be the last giveaway that MPS do. And aside from giveaways, they will almost certainly be doing some great promotions for St Valentine’s Day.

So in addition to entering the giveaway you might like to check out what they have to offer. Apart from bracelets, they have necklaces, energy pendants, anklets and even things for dogs.  Not that your dog needs a gift for Valentine’s Day! So go on Love birds… check out what’s waiting for you there. We know you won’t be disappointed.

MPS™ MEN'S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ MEN’S TARENT Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ ALIOTH GS Titanium 4 Elements Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ ALIOTH GS Titanium 4 Elements Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetic bracelets can brighten up the gloomiest days

Christmas is over. So is the New Year and the days are gradually getting longer. But in the meantime, it’s still miserable. So what can we do? You’re probably thinking that retail therapy is out because we’re all still recovering from the outgoing expenditures of Christmas. But that is precisely why we have January sales.

And the January sale of Magnetic Products Store is now on!


MPS™ VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPS™ VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet



Remember that the nature of winter depression is that it is brought on by cold weather and short days. In fact, the major factor that brings it on is a by-product of the short days: the fact that it gets dark early. The antidote to darkness is something bright. Well…jewellery is bright. Not only magnetic jewellery.

But obviously after spending loads of dosh on Christmas presents, dinners and turkey, the last thing you want is to squander the rest of your life savings down at Tiffany’s or Cartiers!


But magnetic jewellery, chrome-steel, Swarovski, etc is light and bright, full of luster and sparkle and sheen, but very affordable.

ACHELTON Copper Magnetic Bracelet

ACHELTON Copper Magnetic Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

January sale

As mentioned above the January sale is on at MPS and this means that you can combine retail therapy with magnetic therapy. And they are offering some great bargains, with reductions as high as 80 percent. It’s well worth taking a look.

So go there online and check it out.

brtsw-3-wmps-gbac-67-wmps-510We often talk about the healing powers of magnetic therapy products, the healing power of magnetic bracelets, the pain-relief power of bangles, etc. But what about their aesthetic? Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful products that Magnetic Products Store has to offer.

There are copper bracelets, titanium bracelets, stainless steel, Swarovski, Ceramic and many more. At this time of year wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to one or buy one for your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend?

brstd-11-wmaps-510 (1)
brce-1-wmpsMagnetic Products Store has the biggest and most diverse range of magnetic jewellery anywhere in Europe and even the world (after one store in America that is somewhat downmarket by comparison).

You will find pretty much everything you could possibly wish for there in magnetic jewellery, from a golfer’s wristband to something for your dog. They have necklaces and ankle wraps too.


brtd-15-wmpshp-3-ampsIndeed, whether your taste runs to gemstones or Swarovski, it’s all catered for. They have strong, haematite magnets, they have four-in-one bioElements. You name it, they’ve got it. The only problem is that with all that choice – and this being Christmas time and all that – you find yourself binging out and buying several.

But that’s all right. You’re worth it!


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